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World's Best Brownies (and they're Gluten Free!)

As it is one of my biggest passions and enjoyments in life, I have decided that I need to do more posts dedicated to food...

And what better place to start than to tell you about an amazing brownie brand I stumbled across a little while ago whilst on a shopping trip. The brand, Brown and Blond unfortunately can't be found in a set location/s; but that's what makes it so exciting as they sell their products by doing exclusive 'pop-up stalls' in various shopping centres, food markets and events mostly across Yorkshire but around the UK!

Alternatively, if you can't get yourself to one of these, then you can order their exclusive products online anytime or become a stockist if you own a food outlet yourself.

When I first found their stall, I was at the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds and was instantly intrigued by their stand due to their rustic branding and vast range of flavours to choose from. It wasn't until I got chatting to the lovely lady serving there that I discovered THEY WERE ALL GLUTEN FREE* (except a couple of flavours ft. non-gluten containing ingredients such as cookies/oreos)- cue me BEAMING out of my actual face due to the fact that it's so rare for me to find food I can have!

The brand do specific offers at their stalls/online and of course I went for the '6 for £10'. The lady serving me had explained that the brownies were fine to freeze so I knew I could make them last a bit longer this way.

I chose the following flavours:

(Terry's Chocolate Orange, Butterscotch & Fudge, Malteser (I gave this to my mum & dad to try as it contains gluten), Raspberry and White Chocolate, Pistachio and Salted Caramel)

I couldn't find fault with a single one! They were gooey yet chewy, moist, just the right amount of chocolatey and most importantly- the flavours all came through so well in each. I have found that so many gluten free brownies fall short because of being dry and very often, too crumbly. But I can happily say that not a single one was any where near either of these descriptors!

For me though, there was one clear winner that really shined and that was their Peanut Butter Blondie-

I have always been a fan of blondies but have never come across one before with peanut butter in- and struggled to find any that have been gluten free.

Texture: The texture of this blondie was so gooey and it just fell apart completely in all the right ways. The crunch of the peanuts and the chewy peanut butter was the perfect compliment to the blondie's crumbling texture and it all married together so well.

Taste: The saltiness of the peanuts and the peanut butter balanced so beautifully with the sweet, almost caramel-like flavour from the blondie to create the most INCREDIBLE blondie experience. It was so moreish and fulfilling. I ate two whole ones in the space of about an hour with ZERO regrets.

Presentation: As you can see from the pictures, the brownies and blondies are all very consistently sized and what I really appreciated was the large amount of toppings and fillings in each. The one thing I definitely did not struggle to do was find the flavour in this blondie- it was consistent throughout and very visually appealing.

I have bumped into the brand on three further occasions since originally spotting it!

Each time I have been unable to resist going back for more blondies and I have tried some of their other flavours too like the creme-egg Easter special (not to be missed!)

On the Brown & Blond site, you can view the location of their next pop-up stall or simply order online! They are dropping amazing new flavours to try all the time so keep up with them on social media if you want to find out what's new...

I hope you enjoyed reading my review and do hope you get to try one of these delicious delicacies at some point in your life...

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