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A week or so, my girlfriend and I made the decision to go for a last minute meal at Nawaab in Huddersfield. We both had that evening curry craving that just won't go and it was one of those typical Mondays where we just didn't have the energy to cook!

So we rang up 15 minutes before the Early Bird Menu was meant to finish (it's on from 5pm-7pm every day) to ask if we could still have it if we got there ASAP... The lovely gentleman there happily obliged and told us he'd set up a table ready for our arrival!

As promised, our menus were set out on a table to the right of the restaurant and we were promptly sat down and had our drinks order taken. They didn't take long to come and then our food order was taken. With the Early Bird, you choose a starter, main, accompaniment and coffee/tea to finish for £11.95 p/p which I think is amazing value! There's loads of options to choose from and even if your usual favourite isn't on the menu, they happily accommodate you. I also LOVE that they have a key with different numbers to symbolise which allergens dishes contain. As a gluten intolerant this is an absolute godsend!

We went for the following options:


Starter- Chicken Pakoras

Main- Chicken Bhuna

Accompaniment- Boiled Rice


Starter- Chicken Tikka

Main- Chicken Masala

Accompaniment- Garlic Naan

We waited barely any time for our starters to arrive and they were both delish! The chicken pakoras were crisp and full of flavour and the chicken tikka pieces were succulent and had just the right amount of kick. We ate them both with some mint/cucumber raita (yogurt sauce) to balance out the spice.

Then after not long our mains turned up too. We shared both of our main courses and really liked the flavour of both but the masala was our favourite. It had a lot more sauce and seemed more rich and tasty than the bhuna. But one thing we couldn't complain about was the portions!

You definitely get your money's worth at Nawaab and we struggled to finish the two mains, rice and naan between us both- we ended up taking most of the chicken bhuna to go (we clearly can't hack the starter and main life...)

However, this didn't stop us getting the coffees to finish! They were served with cream, sugar and little mint chocolates on the side which Sarah doesn't like so I got twice as many (win). We then went up to the till at the entrance to pay and our payment was taken efficiently and service was given by the staff with a smile as always!

Overall it was an amazing last minute date night decision and we're already looking forward to going back again to either eat in or get a takeaway. A big thank you to the staff for being so welcoming!

The scores we gave to Nawaab, Huddersfield are as follows:

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