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My Favourite Petite Clothing Brands

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Standing at 5foot2.5 (yes that 0.5 counts for a lot when you're this small ok...), it's an absolute nightmare for me to find clothes that fit me properly!

I personally have quite a long torso/upper body and quite short legs so my biggest issue is finding trousers, jumpsuits, jeans, skirts and dresses that fit right. I seem to spend my life rolling things up, tucking things in and just feeling majorly inconvenienced! But, luckily, many brands do realise that we all don't come in one size, shape and height and there's a few particular shops and online retailers that are my absolute GO-TO when it comes to clothes that actually bloody FIT. As well as the brands I've chosen below, most shops have items that you can buy in different leg lengths etc even if they don't have a full 'Petite' section so keep your eye out.

I thought I'd share my top 6 favourite brands/sub-brands that are great for you ladies that are also 5ft4 and under and three of my favourite items currently available from each! I hope some of you find this useful, here it goes:

1) TOPSHOP PETITE - one of my favourite brands for their Joni jeans! But, I do find the black colour fades quite quickly which is frustrating.

2) MISS SELFRIDGE - sometimes a little more expensive but I have always found they fit like a dream and are good quality.

3) MISSGUIDED - Have a huge range with everything from going out dresses to wardrobe basics!

4) BOOHOO - Super affordable, not the best quality but for staple items and when you want a wardrobe re-haul they're a must.

5) NEW LOOK - a great selection of black skinny jeans and trousers!

6) ASOS - the biggest selection including all your favourite retailers in one place

6) PRETTY LITTLE THING - amazing for night out outfits and co-ords at amazing prices!

Thank you all for reading!

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