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My 15 Rules for Living Your Best Life

I was recently scrolling away through some insta stories and I came across one of my absolute fave bloggers/insta babes Monica (@themonicaway and https://themonicaway.com/) who had uploaded some of her best tips for how to live happy and get the most out of life!

Her tips were so enlightening and I loved the idea of coming up with 15 of my own 'Rules for Happiness' in the hope that it might inspire someone else so here it goes-

1. Start each morning with a positive mindset-

Positive energy and thoughts attract positive outcomes and the opposite can be said if you fill your head with negative thoughts! If you have your mind set on a specific target you want to achieve, visualise yourself having already reached it and let the universe do it's thing.

2. Gratitude is key-

Whether it's in the form of verbal thank yous, handwritten notes or in a card... manners cost nothing and showing others your appreciation goes a long way especially in today's day and age where technology has almost taken over all forms of communication!

3. Make lists-

Lists are literally the back bone of my life. Every night I write a list of things I need to consider the next day so I'm not lying there stressing over whether I will remember them; every morning I revisit that list and then make one for that specific day so I can focus on the things I want to achieve on that day. I also think it's important to write a list of things that you are thankful for on a regular basis- maybe compiled of the people in your support system, your life successes and the little things that we forget we are lucky for (food in the fridge, a roof above our head etc!)

4. Be your own number one fan-

Stand naked in the mirror every morning and tell/remind yourself that you're a sexy, unstoppable sass Queen/King/Person of Importance who can't be tamed. Don't rely on others for compliments and positive affirmations, give them to yourself regularly to remind yourself how wonderful you are!

Don't rely on others for compliments and positive affirmations, give them to yourself regularly!

5. Put yourself in other people's shoes-

Metaphorically of course, this is something that is extremely important to me. I like to think that I'm quite emotionally intelligent and I do this every day multiple times as I think it's a great way to deal with conflicts with others in your life. Disassociating yourself with your own emotions on a situation and trying to feel someone else's for a second to understand their point of view is far more effective than just trying to ram your point of view down someone else's throat. This also goes hand in hand with 'think before you speak'!

6. Say No!-

In an ideal world, we'd all have sufficient energy and time to say yes to everyone and everything. But the reality is that there's only so many hours in the day and if you roll yourself too thin, you won't have the strength left to look after yourself and do the things you need to do. Prioritise yourself and be a little bit selfish sometimes- in the long run you'll avoid burnout and are more likely to be able to bring your best self to those who need it and to plans you want to attend.

Prioritise yourself and be a little bit selfish sometimes

7. Surround yourself with admirable people-

I would say that this one is pretty obvious... but so many times I hear people I know (myself included) moaning about their toxic, unreliable friend/s who have let them down and ruined their mood for the 10,000th time (SHOCK). We become like the people we surround ourselves with, so take away all the negative noras and invest time in people who make you think 'my god I want to be more like that'. I do NOT mean outward appearance either; I mean the inspiring, successful, determined, caring, thoughtful, fun people who are infectious and leave you feeling on a high after being around them!

8. Drink alllll the water-

Ok maybe not all the water because you can drown yourself or something and that's a bit SCARY! But my advice would be to have a big glass: when you wake up, 20 mins before/after each meal and just before bed. Staying hydrated minimises those annoying dehydration headaches that nobody has time for, helps your skin stay clearer and it's free so what are you doing if you're not drinking it? Weird.

9. Educate yourself-

You're never too old to learn something new and expand your knowledge on a topic. Even if it's just watching a ten minute YouTube video or reading a book on something you currently know nothing about... learning something new can be so enlightening and in my opinion, intelligence is so attractive! (Plus, who wouldn't want to be that friend who is able to crack out a load of weird and wonderful facts when you go to a pub quiz?)

10. Be savvy-

If there's one thing I've learnt in the last few years, it's how much not having enough money can start to affect so many other things in your life. Leaving yourself a £5 rainy day fund for when you need an emergency pint at the pub is all well and good... until your car breaks down and leaves you with a £250 bill you can't afford. Be sensible before splashing out on unnecessary items and instead of telling your mates you can't come out because you're 'skint' with only 30p in your bank, work out how much money you'd need to survive on for a month if you lost your job/way of getting finance and then make sure you've always got something near that amount in your savings just in case- make that your new 'skint' if it gets too low even if it's around the £500 mark! It may sound silly or pointless to some but I promise you, when push comes to shove you will be so glad you've got a safety net to fall back on.

Leaving yourself a £5 rainy day fund for when you need an emergency pint at the pub is all well and good... until your car breaks down and leaves you with a £250 bill you can't afford

11. Invest in yourself-

Take some time to just be by yourself each day to meditate and reflect on where you're at in your life. Ask yourself these questions: Are you happy with your career? With your aspirations for the future? With your current level of fitness? With your relationships? With how tidy your living space is? Is there anything you wish you did more of/less of?

This will allow you to come up with some short and long term goals to be working towards and in itself, this can be extremely rewarding and positive for your mental health!


Exploring the world isn't something that's on everyone's bucket list but I definitely think it should be. Travelling enriches your life in so many ways and even within the UK and Ireland there are so many destinations just waiting to be explored. Don't wait to find the perfect travel partner, why not book a trip by yourself or book on with a group of likeminded globetrotters?

13. Keep fit-

Working out provides soooo many benefits to both your physical and mental health when done correctly. I know going to the gym isn't for everybody but with the breadth of choice available in the world for getting your sweat on, I truly REFUSE to believe that there isn't a sport/activity of some kind out there that you can find and become obsessed with! Get creative, do some research and find what you love- then DO IT.

I truly REFUSE to believe that there isn't a sport/activity of some kind out there that you can find and become obsessed with!

14. Step outside of your comfort zone-

As cliché as it is to say, this one's a must. Often the things we really want or want to achieve in life are on the other side of 'fear' or outside of what feels safe to us. Our natural and innate response to unknown or threatening situations is to fight, flight or freeze... These often come with feelings of panic, cold sweats, frustration, doubt and our minds naturally fill with thoughts of BUT I CAN'T DO THAT/I'LL DIE/I'LL EMBARRASS MYSELF/I DON'T HAVE THE SKILL SET etc and this can make it difficult I won't deny that. But try and change up the language in your head- e.g. ask yourself "what's the worst thing that can happen if I go for that job interview?" Prepare well, do your research and then realise that you'll likely gain great experience, you can ask for feedback on how to improve if you aren't successful or the best scenario- you smash it and get the job of your dreams! (Remember Rule my no.1)

15. Stay true to you-

Don't bend and break yourself to fit into someone else's mould. Laugh freely, fill your time with things you enjoy unapologetically, don't succumb to peer pressures, go with your gut and stick to your morals.

If you've reached this far down, give yourself a pat on the back! Thank you for reading and I hope you took something away from these.

All my love,

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